Agent Safety Comes First with Real Agent Guard

agent safety

I can see how the Real Agent Guard app could be very useful for anybody, not just real estate agents. They have a Friends and Family app coming soon that will act exactly like the monitor app but for people outside the agency team!

Donna Chaffins, founder and owner of Blog by Donna, fell into blogging by accident. She quickly found out that she absolutely loves bringing fellow moms relevant information they need, from family to cooking and more. Some of her favorite posts to share are those about brands and products that she and her family love, and one of her recent reviews was of our Real Agent Guard apps and how much we value real estate agent safety.

In her excellent overview, Donna mentions that she had once considered a career as a real estate agent. At the time, agent safety never crossed her mind, but now she realizes the risk involved in the job and the recent increase in dangers. Donna points out that, yes, many real estate agents can go through an entire career safely, but why take that risk?

Donna is right: agent safety has become quite the concern in the past few years, and a real estate agent’s vulnerability has become a point of awareness for criminals. For this reason and the fact that almost everyone knows someone in the real estate industry, Donna felt the urge to share about Real Agent Guard on her blog with her readers. She also points out the many other ways that moms, wives, and teenagers could use the apps to remain safe with the Friends and Family app.

Suggestions for Agent Safety

We appreciate Donna Chaffins for helping to bring light to the dangers in the real estate industry so that agents can remain safe on the job. She provides some very helpful scenarios on exactly how to use the apps for improved agent safety, so be sure to read more about Donna’s excellent description of how to use the app:

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