Deterrence is the Key to Agent Security

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Their solution makes it easy to provide agents with the most simple, powerful security apps that not only protect them in an emergency, but also deter crime.

As a successful blogger, video blogger, radio/TV host, and published author, Sami Cone enjoys sharing resources with her loyal fans that will help improve their lives in any way. In her review of Real Agent Guard on her blog, Sami emphasizes just how important it is for real estate agents to deter crime before it even happens, which is the main goal of the RA Guard apps. Sure, the apps work in the case of an emergency too, but preventing crime through a strong agent security system is forefront.

Sami points out the many features available for deterring crime: logos, banners for watermarking photos, sign toppers, and the Open House Video Monitoring System all let criminals know that this agent is not alone. Sami even asked a friend in the real estate business about agent security and safety, and she found out that staying safe is a top concern in the industry. With the recent uptick of crime in real estate lately, Sami also points out that the Real Agent Guard apps are an excellent way for families selling their homes to stay safe.

Agent Security from Experts for Cheap

A final point Sami makes in her review is that agent security does not come cheap, except for the Real Agent Guard apps. Why is this? Sami mentions that our founders are security experts and developers, which is why the app is so tight as well as affordable for budgets of all sizes.

We appreciate Sami’s very thorough review! Be sure to read her summary of our apps for yourself, as she describes the features very clearly:

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