Ease of Mind with Agent Security

agent security

While our house hunt ran very smoothly, real estate agents don’t always have it so easy.

As sole owner and operator of JennUnplugged.com, mom of 2 kids, wife, and much more, Jenn Park has her hands quite full. However, she enjoys every moment and enjoys living life to its fullest potential. Another enjoyable activity for Jenn is to keep up with what homes are for sale in her area, and this paints an excellent picture of the importance of agent security in the industry.

For Jenn, keeping up with the real estate industry is merely a “guilty pleasure.” She enjoys seeing various layouts and paint choices. Unfortunately, not every curious viewer is so innocent and in such situations, agent security is especially necessary. Too many news reports contain stories of real estate agents who have found themselves in dangerous situations, which is why a reliable agent security app is so vital.

Agent Security: Strength in Numbers

We appreciate Jenn’s review of our apps! We also want to point out that agent security starts with deterrence, so using our logos, watermarks, and sign toppers is an excellent way to let everyone know that your agents are not alone.

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