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Mobile Apps for Monitors

Real Agent Guard gives you two FREE apps so you can stay connected. The Monitor App is used by the agency team to get alerts and respond immediately in the event of an emergency. Depending upon the type of issue, you will get a push notification telling you what has happened.

If the agent misses their check-in time, you'll be trained to open your app and give them a call. If you can't reach them and confirm they are okay, you have access to a tracker page where you can see their location in real-time, along with any photos they've uploaded.

If the agent uses their Failsafe PIN or the Panic Button, you'll get an alert letting you know so you can open the app, copy the Tracker page URL (one-click), and call law enforcement. Law enforcement will instruct you where to send the Tracker URL so they have access to the same real-time geolocation and photos.


Mobile Apps for Agents

The Real Agent Guard Agent App gives agents an easy way to arm their security system and optionally upload photos. Once logged in, a count-down timer begins. The agent simply needs to reset their timer before it hits zero. In the event of an emergency, the Agent App broadcasts geo location in real-time, so you can see exactly where they are.

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At the heart of what Real Agent Guard is doing is to deter crime before it ever begins. To do this, we have a number of tools available that come with the Enterprise License of Real Agent Guard.

The primary way that criminals research an agent is through their social and professional profiles. So Real Agent Guard built a tool that allows any agent to upload their social profile and add a watermark with the Real Agent Guard logo or an "Agent Protected by Real Agent Guard" banner. It takes seconds to add the watermark and is a powerful deterrent for criminals researching agents.

But we also make a wide range of image assets available to you so the Real Agent Guard logo and banners can be added to any print materials you produce. Current clients are making yard sign toppers and even including the logo on major print work, such as billboards.

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Open House Video Monitoring

Using a laptop with a webcam, agents can quickly setup security an open house event. It takes seconds to login and agents have a full-screen video monitor. Add a sign out front that lets clients know that video monitoring is in progress and you now have a simple, cost-effective way to deter theft and other crimes! Open House Video Monitoring is available to Enterprise users for $19.99/month no matter how large the agency.

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Web-Based Dashboard

Included in the Enterprise License is access to our Web-based dashboards. Just loggin from your desktop or laptop to have real-time access to alerts, reporting tools, image assets, watermarking tools, and much more!

Most clients have someone in their office with the Dashboard open during normal business hours. While not necessary to get alerts, the Monitor App handles that just fine, the Dashboard displays whenever and agent logs in and can be used to verify that an agent made it to an appointment without the need to hear from them directly. In the event of an emergency or missed check-in timer, the Dashboard alerts you so you can visit the Tracker page right on your computer.


Reporting Tools

Real Agent Guard gives you powerful reporting tools so you can see how often and where your agents are showing properties. Just click to download available reports in CSV format.

Our reports dashboard lets you see at a glance which agents are using the Agent App and how often. You can also see which Monitors are in use to verify that the right people have access to alerts sent out by agents.

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Makes Your Job Easier

Typically brokers have their agents send texts, make calls, or send emails to them prior to, during, and after showing a property. This means brokers will get multiple types of communications at all times of the day from their agents.

With Real Agent Guard, there's no need for these kinds of check-ins. The agent simply needs to login. Brokers can use the web-based dashboard to see when an agent has logged in or just open the Monitor App to see who is logged in - you can even see the location of their check in!

Brokers only get notifications in the event of either a missed check-in or an emergency (Failsafe PIN or Panic Button use). This means brokers have more time generating leads and focusing on their business. All the while, your agents are safer and you have more information about which properties are being shown by whom.

Enterprise Pricing

Real Agent Guard Enterprise Licenses are based on the number of agents in your agency. Simply select how many agents you have, choose whether to include the Open House Video Monitoring package, and click the Sign Up button!

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