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Help Protect Your Loved Ones

The Friends and Family app lets you get alerts if an agent is showing a property and runs into trouble. Real Agent Guard has patented technology that requires no action on behalf of the agent.

Here's how it works: The agent checks in before showing a property. A countdown timer starts running. If the agent misses a check-in time, you get a push notification and can see their location in real-time as well as any photos they've uploaded. With one click, you can forward the tracker to law enforcement if you can't get a hold of the agent.

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Get Alerts for Emergencies

The Friends and Family app also helps you get alerts in emergencies. If the agent uses a special PIN when someone is forcing them to logout, you will get a push notification letting you know and you can immediately forward the tracker to law enforcement. Agents can also you a panic button to call 911, and you'll get an alert in that situation as well so you can pass along the tracker page to law enforcement.

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For just $4.99/month you can monitor up to four agents. The Agent app is completely FREE for agents! The agent will send you an invite once they have the app on their device and setup takes seconds.

For each additional agent, just have them download the app and send you an invite. Do you know someone who should be using Real Agent Guard? Send them to our Agent App page, and within minutes they'll be able to get their credentials to you.

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How Does it Work?

The Real Agent Guard app for Agents requires the agent to setup a passphrase that they will need to send to you (don't worry! We make this very simple). This passphrase can be changed at any time so the agent has control of who can monitor them.

One of the many unique aspects of Real Agent Guard is that even if the agents phone is turned off or destroyed, you will still get a push notification if the agent misses a check-in time. This means no matter what happens to the agent, you know when something is wrong.

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