GPS Issues with Android Devices


We’ve had several instances where specific Android devices have had a problem with up-to-date GPS locations. The typical scenario is that their location shows that the agent is at their house or office – even though they’re out at a showing miles away!

The issue is caused by certain Android devices that attempt to use different types of signals to identify your location. While GPS is one option – and extremely accurate in most cases – sometimes Android devices will attempt to use Assisted-GPS. But a small number of devices simply get stuck and use a stored location.┬áThese “stuck” devices typically only update their location once per day – often at the agent’s home.

Solution #1: Reboot!

A quick fix is to simply reboot your device. If it’s been a long time since you’ve powered down your phone, this can do the trick.

Solution #2: Google Maps

Google Maps is – for the most part – hard-wired into the Android operating system. When you open Google Maps, your phone may be able to reset your GPS.

Solution #3: GPS Status and Toolbox

Our recommended solution is to download the GPS Status and Toolbox app from Google Play:

This app gives you a number of tools for troubleshooting GPS issues, but it does require a download and playing with settings. We understand that many users won’t want to go through the trouble, BUT this app has been found to be a powerful tool for getting GPS working great.

The GPS Status Toolbox app can dramatically improve your GPS, but some devices may still be limited to once-an-hour updates of their location. This is typically limited to Android devices older than 2-3 years.