Keeping Agents Safe at Work

keeping agents safe

Real Agent Guard comes as a useful tool to help both employers (real estate agencies) and family to keep an eye on their agents/loved ones while showing a property.”

A prime source for real estate investing, news, trends, and more, the Realty Biz News team keeps readers up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the industry of real estate across the world. We recently stumbled across a fantastic, recent article, written by Violeta-Loredana Pascal, that explains the ease and benefits of using Real Agent Guard for keeping agents safe while showing properties.

One of the biggest threats to real estate agents while on the job is the public knowledge of their isolation. With the Enterprise monitoring system, as Pascal mentions, agencies can keep an eye on agents in the field. The Friends and Family app allows loved ones to also monitor their loved ones for even more security. Pascal also points out that although the apps aren’t completely free, the price is quite reasonable at around $1 per agent per month for agencies, a small price to pay for something as important as keeping agents safe.

Pascal also discusses the different ways that RA Guard suggests agents use to deter crime, such as using the Open House Monitoring System as well as using RA Guard logos and watermarks on all public profiles and photos. Of course, agents should also press the timer button on the app when arriving at a property and take a picture of the car tags, which automatically is saved in the server database in the case of an emergency for police to review.

Together Keeping Agents Safe

It’s with the help of terrific professionals like Pascal that we hope to make keeping agents safe easier and more accessible for everyone. We appreciate Pascal’s review and encourage you to take a look at the many great points she makes in her article: