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Mobile App for Agents

The Real Agent Guard mobile app for agents is an easy-to-use, but powerful app that works on iOS and Android smartphones. The download is free for all agents and takes just a couple of minutes to setup.

Agents can arm their security system in seconds. Once logged in, a count-down timer begins to run. The agent can reset this timer at any time by using a PIN they create during setup. Uploading a photo takes seconds - we train agents to take a photo of the client or their licenses plate to help in the event of an emergency.

Agents can optionally setup three features: a Panic Button, Failsafe PIN, and a Bailout Button:

The Panic Button allows the agent to call 911 by pressing and holding for three seconds. Alerts go out to the Monitors, letting them know to forward the Tracker information to law enforcement

The Failsafe PIN can be used if someone is attempting to force the agent to logout or reset their timer. The app acts like everything is normal, but sends alerts to Monitors, who are trained to immediately contact law enforcement with the Tracker information.

The Bailout Button allows the agent to press and hold for three seconds to call any designated contact. This is a convenience feature that makes it easy for the agent to excuse themselves from a situation where they may be uncomfortable.


Mobile App for Monitors

The Real Agent Guard mobile app for Monitors is designed to make it easy for agency leadership to get instant notification if an agent is in trouble. The Monitor App works on iOS and Android devices.

In the event of an Agent missing their check-in time or using an emergency feature, the Monitor App gets a push notification with information about the kind of alert received. The Monitor staff are trained to open the Monitor App and handle the situation based on the kind of alert received. For missed check-in times, the Monitor App has a one-click call button that allows the Monitor to call and check on the agent. If the agent cannot be reached or they sound like they are under duress, the Monitor can quickly open a Tracker page with real-time GPS tracking and any photos the agent has uploaded.

In the event that the agent has used an emergency feature (Panic Button or used their Failsafe PIN), Monitor staff are trained to immediately forward the Tracker page to law enforcement. Just open the Monitor App, go to the Tracker page, and one-click to copy the URL that can be forwarded to law enforcement.


Coming Soon: Friends and Family

As early as the summer of 2015, Real Agent Guard will be rolling out the Friends and Family App. This app works exactly like the Monitor App, but is meant for people outside the agency team.

Agents must invite people to monitor them using the Friends and Family App. The cost will be $4.99/month and Friends and Family App users can monitor up to four(4) agents.