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How it Works

Most laptops come with an attached web cam, so there is usually no need to purchase anything. But you can add a camera to a laptop in most cases. Once an agency has signed up, they will send you a link you can use to quickly login.

Once logged in (which just requires entering your name and street address), you can launch the video monitor. You'll be prompted to allow access to your webcam and then you'll see a video feed on your screen. Just put the video in full screen mode and your laptop is now a video monitor!

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Will it Work on Your Tablet?

Possibly. Most Google Android tablets support the running the Open House Video Monitoring tools. Some iPads work, especially more up-to-date versions. For iOS devices, you can run our quick test below to see if it will work.

While on your device you would use for an open house event, click the test button. If your device is supported, you will be prompted to allow the browser to access your webcam. Nothing is recorded – we just test to see if your device has the capability.

Test Video Capability

Where is Video Stored?

Real Agent Guard stores all video on our secure servers. This video is only accessible by the Agency team who can view the video stream in real-time remotely.

We take your privacy seriously and have multiple layers of security in place to prevent unauthorize access to video files. All files are deleted after 30 days, reducing the risk of long-term unauthorized access.


Pricing for Agencies

The Open House Video Monitoring tools are only available to Agencies who have an enterprise license. $19.99/month covers all agents no matter the size of the agency. Just signup and select the option for including Open House Video Monitoring.

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