Personal Safety When House Hunting

personal safety

If you or anyone in your family or friend circle is a real estate agent, I highly recommend this app.

In her review of Real Agent Guard on her blog, Candypolooza, Candy Olivares points out how scary house hunting can be, a personal safety issue not everyone considers until the moment of isolation. As a military spouse, she has gone through the ordeal of finding a new home every few years, so she also knows all too well the isolated properties that both real estate agents and home buyers may visit. Sometimes, a real estate agent leaves a house unlocked for viewers to see at their own convenience, alone, a scenario she has found herself in with her spouse more than once.

As someone who takes personal safety very seriously, Candy does not lightly recommend the Real Agent Guard app for both real estate agents as well as families for keeping safe in any potentially dangerous situation. She mentions in her review that some of her favorite features include the automatic alert if the user misses a check-in time and also how easy it is to forward all of the information on to the police if criminal activity does occur.

Personal Safety Counts

One of the best benefits of the Real Agent Guard apps is that real estate agents are not the only ones who can use them successfully. Thanks to the Friends and Family app, individuals can use Real Agent Guard for personal safety in any potentially dangerous situation. Thank you, Candy, for letting your readers know that we have an app to easily keep themselves and loved ones safe!

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