Preventing Crime and Saving Lives

saving lives

I’m happy to get the word out about [Real Agent Guard] and hopefully help protect any agents from possible violence.

Showing properties can be potentially life threatening for real estate agents, as Erin Spain on her classy lifestyle, home, and DIY blog – DIY on the Cheap – points out. In her review of Real Agent Guard, though, she also mentions how well the apps work for preventing crime as well as saving lives of agents on the job. The many features provided by the apps protect in almost any crime scenario, and a few that Erin mentions include the Failsafe button and also the ability to take and upload photos of license plates to the app.

Erin Spain also talks about the Open House Video Monitoring, which is one of the best ways for preventing crime during such events. Yet, the ability of Real Agent Guard to prevent crimes doesn’t stop with video monitoring. Agents can add the Real Agent Guard watermark or logo to their profile photos, business cards, and other printed and digital materials. Advertising the use of the RA Guard security apps lets everyone know that an agent is not alone.

Erin ends her thorough review by commenting that anyone who knows someone in the real estate business should check out the app. We agree that preventing crime before it happens is always the best way.

Preventing Crime with Real Agent Guard

We love Erin Spain’s passion for sharing the news and helping to keep real estate agents safe! Be sure to check out her review as well as her own try-out of the video monitoring system:

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