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Enterprise Pricing

Real Agent Guard Enterprise Licenses are based on the number of agents in your agency. Simply select how many agents you have, choose whether to include the Open House Video Monitoring package, and click the Sign Up button!

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Open House Video Monitoring: $19.99/Month

Using a laptop with a webcam, agents can quickly setup security an open house event. It takes seconds to login and agents have a full-screen video monitor. Add a sign out front that lets clients know that video monitoring is in progress and you now have a simple, cost-effective way to deter theft and other crimes! Open House Video Monitoring is available to Enterprise users for $19.99/month no matter how large the agency.

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Why Are Prices so Low?

Our prices are a fraction of the competition and this often becomes a cause for concern. We are able to keep our prices so low due to two primary drivers:

1. Founders are Techies. Founders Tim Brasuell and Justyn Hornor have been building high-tech companies for years. They built Real Agent Guard using state-of-the-art technologies that are affordable to manage. The vast majority of the technologies used to power Real Agent Guard were built with sweat equity - meaning those costs were absorbed, keeping your prices low.

2. Major Funding. Real Agent Guard was recently backed by Xcelerate Capital with major funding of $250,000. Real Agent Guard has been pouring these resources into building the most sophisticated set of security tools on the planet. As a result of this funding, we did not have to increase prices to our clients to afford the staff to continue to upgrade our capabilities.