Simplicity in Real Estate Agent Safety

real estate agent safety

I spent some time using the Real Agent Guard app and dashboard and it is really very simple.

Diane Hoffmaster is the owner of Turning the Clock Back, a blog that teaches how to live a more healthy, green, and simple lifestyle one step at a time. As a believer of taking baby steps to make lasting changes, Diane seemed especially impressed with how easy it is to set up, learn, and use our apps for real estate agent safety.

Diane also demonstrates just how quickly the app works to keep an agent safe with her own testing of the system. She describes how she hit the Panic button and it immediately started dialing 911, a feature that can be turned off if needed. But her point is clear: staying safe is very simple when using Real Agent Guard.

Real Estate Agent Safety with a DIY Card Holder

We also love Diane’s creative how-to at the end of the article for making your own DIY business card holder using a mint tin, such as the Altoids tins. She has an excellent suggestion: introduce the Real Agent Guard app to a real estate agent that you know and give them a personalized business card holder. We’d like to add to this suggestion by also pointing out to your agent that the app includes watermarking for images. The agent can print our logo on the business cards to let everyone know they are protected by a highly secure system!

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