The Reassurance of an Agent Safety App

agent safety

I have fallen so in love with all things real estate…But with any job there can be dangers and downfalls. One of the biggest is not knowing what can happen when you meet a client or hold an open house.

As a real estate agent, blogger, mom, recipe creator, and photographer, Kelley Grant has a lot on her hands at any given moment. However, as she admits in her review of Real Agent Guard on her blog The Grant Life, she absolutely loves her career in real estate. She also mentions the potential dangers of her advertising being alone in an open house for hours, which is why she wanted to review our agent safety app.

Kelley explains her process in making her life-long dream of becoming an agent a reality – an impressive feat considering that she didn’t start classes until after her two kids came along. Finding an agency to join just flowed into place with the right connections, and today she is enjoying every aspect of her career choice. Now, though, Kelley is even more confident as a real estate agent thanks to the Real Agent Guard agent safety app.

Agent Safety App for Confidence

We appreciate Kelley Grant and her interest in remaining safe herself, but also in letting others know about our agent safety app. Like Kelley, we here at Real Agent Guard love that we can help all professionals by giving them confidence and providing a safety net, no matter their career choice.

Read more about Kelley’s career path and her take on the RA Guard app:

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