Working to Increase Agent Safety

agent safety

Here’s to lavishly living work out loud as a real estate agent professional and gaining agent security with Real Agent Guard.

Dana Vento loves “Living Lavishly Out Loud” on her blog, In her review of Real Agent Guard, she gives an amazing, “real life” scenario of a how exactly a real estate agent would use the Real Agent Guard app in more risky situations, demonstrating the importance of taking agent safety seriously.

One of the excellent points that Dana makes is that the app only adds a couple seconds more to the agent’s routine in meeting clients and showing a house. If an agent is late to a showing and in a rush to meet the client, opening the app and clicking the login button only takes a few seconds. Agent safety should never be hindered by time constraints, and Real Agent Guard understands this completely.

Agent Safety Made Easy

Thank you, Dana, for giving such a clear picture in how easily agents can remain safe on the job and “lavishly live real estate agent safety, and real estate agent security out loud”!

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